With minimal costs you can build webpages just like this and host them at home.

Contributes to creating a self-owned and self-managed Web.

Superglue provides you with an independent, end-to-end solution for creating and hosting your webpages at home. In this way, it promotes the original Do-It-Yourself ethos of the Internet.


Superglue is developed by Danja VasilievJoscha JaegerMichael Zeder 
in collaboration with Teresa Dillon, VERBALVISUAL and zerbamine

Facilitated by: WORM
Supported by: Greenhost

Funded by: European Commission, LGRU, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie and WORM
Make and host your webpages at home.

Download our 2014 Launch Press Kit.

Environmentally friendly, Superglue combines computational power of the devices you already have.

Promotes Open Source web development and culture.

Supports Creative Commons model, allowing you to share web design elements.

Free-form visual web design so you can create the webpages you want.

Allows you to serve webpages locally and independently from the Internet.


Find answers to your questions and seek help from the Superglue team and community by mailing superhelp@superglue.it.

All incoming mails will automatically appear as posts in our Discourse community forum.
This means our team and community can pick them up and address your questions immediately.

We're superbusy glueing all the pieces together, but stay tuned for our official launch at WORM on October 3rd, 2014!